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Shanghai Xishun Electric Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of various types of regulators, regulators, transformers, voltage regulators, UPS uninterrupted power supply, charging piles, special power supply and related power distribution system products. It is a member of China Electric Power Society and insured by the People's Insurance Company of China. It has 30,000 square meters of modern factory buildings in Shanghai and Jiangsu, and the world's advanced fully automatic numerical control production lines. The annual output of various types of power supply equipment can reach 86,000 sets.
Shanghai Xishun Electric Co., Ltd. entered the Chinese market in 2008, successively passed the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality management system certification, the European Union CE certification, the U.S. UL certification, broadcasting and television network access certification, won the honorary titles of "key high-tech enterprises", "heavy contract, trustworthy enterprises". The products are widely used in various CNC additions. Industrial center, medical equipment, printing machinery equipment, environmental testing equipment, electronic testing equipment, communication equipment, etc., especially suitable for the grid fluctuation amplitude, voltage sudden change and other harsh power supply environment!
The company has the first-class scientific and technological strength, is China's high and low voltage electrical industry leader, has been committed to building a core competitiveness of the green organization, aimed at providing customers with more reliable, intelligent, green electrical solutions! The company has long-term and close cooperation with the state railway, state broadcasting and television bureau, China Telecom, China Truck and other government agencies, as well as GE, SIEMENS, PHILIPS, HEIDELBERG, KBA, SALVAGNININI, FANUC, MAZAK, YASKAWA, TRUMPF, DMG, WIA and other enterprises. The purpose of the company is "professional, reliable, and technology".



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